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* Harlow Conservative MP Robert Halfon Voted for cutting the main central government grant to local government for; 2015-16 at a level 25% lower than it was set for 2014-15.2016-17 at a level 24.6% lower than it was set for 2015-16.Hertford, the county town of Hertfordshire is much closer to Harlow. I thought perhaps the man who fits the new lights might have been on holiday, now I believe the E. As Essex County Council is run by Conservatives, before the 2017 election I wondered what our Conservative councillor Edward C Johnson was responsible for and had a look on the E. Harlow has been paying extra for Street lights that are supposed to be on all night, I know of over 50 lights that haven't worked for months on end, some even years.Essex County Council is responsible for; schools, care for the elderly and care for the young, public transport, libraries, infrastructure, roads, pavements,cycle tracks, plus "future improvements to roads" They are also responsible for street lighting and potholes. Is HARLOW entitled to a refund in taxes from Essex County Council?2017-18 at a level 44% lower than it was set for 2016-17.* This is on top of previous cuts to funding *Source https:// At a time when the elderly population is increasing, Conservative MP Robert Halfon's Conservatives voted to additionally cut the budget by 44%.It is not "rocket science" what the outcome would be.

Harlow Public transport links: Harlow is served by two stations, Harlow Town and Harlow Mill linking to London and Cambridge, neither station is in the town centre.Then there are the pedestrian junction crossing lamps, these have been removed, well, the tops have been cut off, leaving just the small keep left lights that always break down, or even worse they have been replaced by yellow "targets" that are supposed to reflect car lights, unfortunately they get dirty and fail to reflect anything, making them targets to be flattened.Many of the removed lights are on crossing points and junctions where pedestrians have been killed or injured in the past.In London the train terminates at Liverpool Street and Stratford Stations, the trains are operated by Abellio Greater Anglia Harlow Ride links to all the bus time tables and routes around Harlow.Metro Cars ABC Cars offer a licensed Private Hire mini cab service.

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As more and more hospitals and A & E services close in North East London and South East Hertfordshire the point will come when Princess Alexandra has no more room, the bed spaces will all be taken, patients might find they spend hours being shunted from one hospital to the next in search of a hospital that will take them.

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