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I wouldn't lie but if its a old car maybe got it from a relative who passed away.If you drive a crappy car your a looser, if you drive a crappy car that was your Gramas, and you know you need a new car but it feels like it was the last gift from your Grama your a sweat guy.I dare you to find a 10 year old car in this kind of shape.I took off the radials and put on 30x9.50x15 all terrain tires on it.

Also, if you keep your older, used cars clean and maintained, it shows that you can take care of your stuff..sense? I was in the car business for 9 years (no guys.a gold digger, I like cars..old, new, classic and not so classic).I don't get people who don't take care of theirs. Honestly I think how you feel about it and your worries about what the girl think are more important then what she thinks.

More likely there is no story, but I would have fun with a bomb car. Like did you know I burned a Lamborghini in a race 100's of time. Say how do you like the car, you see that custom rust job, girls go crazy for that, but I have to drive so try not to be all up on me.

If she happens to lean on the car, start yelling at her about scratching the paint.

I feel that if a woman is looking to date a guy based on what he drives then she is pretty damn shallow. If your all embarrassed by it shes going to pick up on it and shes going to think your a looser.

If u notice that a woman is just so into ur car that all she talks about is ur car or the lack of then she is not worth ur time anyway. My suggestion would be to use it to your advantage and have fun with it cause you totally could have tons of comments that will get her to laugh making what you drive irrelevant.

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