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The Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture is now calling for an immediate ban on the use of ADDs on salmon farms to protect cetaceans, especially harbour porpoises on the West coast of Scotland.

Read more via today's Sunday Herald: "Health of whales, dolphins and porpoises put at risk by underwater alarms" Today (7 May), GAAIA filed a formal complaint with the European Commission against the UK and Scottish Government for the "deliberate & reckless disturbance" of cetaceans (European Protected Species) including breach of The Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) Regulations 1994 (as amended in Scotland) and breach of the Inner Hebrides and the Minches candidate Special Area of Conservation (c SAC) for harbour porpoise submitted to the European Commission in 2016.

In emails to the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture, the U. Government has confirmed that salmon farms in Maine and Washington do NOT kill marine mammals - in stark contrast to lethal salmon farms in Scotland, Canada, Chile, Faroe Islands, New Zealand and Australia (with question marks hanging over Norway and Ireland). The royal party will be presented with a gift of wild salmon when they arrive in Victoria (24 September) and challenged to issue a public statement pledging to boycott farmed salmon.

"Shamefully, both William and Kate have been cheerleaders for the disease-ridden salmon farming industry in Scotland," said Don Staniford, Director of the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture (GAAIA).

The red ranking for Scottish farmed salmon - which scored a woeful 2.65 out of 10 - was attributed to poor performance in terms of chemicals, disease and escapes [2].

Read more via The Sunday Times Online in full via Press Release: "Red Light for Scottish salmon: Scotland is ranked worst in the world" GAAIA reported (25 June 2017): Press Release: "Marine Harvest: Scotland's #1 Seal Killer" Data published by the Scottish Government reveals that Marine Harvest killed over a quarter of the seals shot in Scotland in 2016.

Download press release with Notes to Editors as a PDF online here Press Release: "Viking Invasion Taints ' Scottish' Salmon" (16 April 2017) Exclusive data obtained via Freedom of Information reveals that 90% of ' Scottish' salmon is now imported as eggs from overseas with Norway accounting for 86% of egg imports.

Campaigners are now calling on the Scottish Government to curb egg imports to protect the genetic integrity and sanitary status of ' Scottish' salmon.

A briefing note to the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy and Connectivity in September reported that the mass mortalities (460 tonnes) cost Marine Harvest £2.7 million and "highlights the ongoing difficulties and costs faced by industry with regards to sea lice management".

350,000 dead farmed salmon - the incidents include: - 60,000 farmed salmon (13% mortality) killed by Hydrogen peroxide treatment for AGD at Soay on Harris (with a further 17,226 morts earlier in the year due to Peroxide/Salmosan treatment in well boat) - "Lorries loads of dead fish removed for destruction on almost daily basis" in Lewis - 84,820 dead salmon (15% mortality) at Grey Horse Channel (Sound of Harris) due to AGD and Pancreas Disease - 77,884 dead salmon (11 mortality) at Invasion Bay (Loch Sunart) due to "maturation" - 23,854 dead salmon due to Pancreas Disease at Ardintoul (Loch Alsh) Download press release with Notes to Editors via FOI Backgrounder: Mortalities & Disease at Marine Harvest during 2016 - FOI reply from Scottish Government (28 October 2016) Thermolicer Backgrounder 23 September 2016 The Two Billion Dollar Salmon Ban! zero marine mammals killed), farmed salmon sourced from salmon farms which kills seals, sea lions, dolphins and even whales will be banned from the lucrative U. market by 1 January 2022 (when the Fish and Fish Product Import Provisions of the Marine Mammal Protection Act is enforced).

- Scotland, Canada, Chile, Faroe Islands, Norway & New Zealand in Firing Line New U. rules protecting marine mammals could cost trigger-happy salmon farmers around the world a staggering billion in lost export markets for farmed salmon! Read press release in full online here 15 September 2016 Salmon Slap for Kate in Canada Campaigners are calling on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to endorse wild salmon not farmed salmon during the royal visit to Canada later this month.

Today's Sunday Herald reports: "Outrage over secret plans to base world's biggest salmon farm in Scotland".

Read more via: Policing Lice-Ridden Scottish Salmon- New "Enforcement Regime" following £300 million losses (9 January 2017) A new ' Enforcement Regime' policing lice-ridden Scottish salmon farms is to be introduced from 1 April 2017 - despite "grumbles" from the salmon farming industry.

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