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But he opens the suitcase upside down, revealing a stack of phone books with a thin layer of money underneath.

Second favorite scene: When Hayley kills Steve's online character, Agathor, by saying his name backwards.

Meanwhile, Steve asks a good-looking girl out, but needs his wingman, Roger, to “jump on a grenade” for him and date her ugly cousin.

Stan Smith is a bumbling CIA agent who's as conservative as they come.

Now she must either actually cheat on her husband or the Ladybugs will kill her in an attempt to keep their secrets safe.An alien named Roger and a fish named Klaus also live with the Smiths.In the "Pilot" episode, Steve wants to date Lisa Silver (Carmen Electra) the hottest cheerleader in school.Later, he kidnaps the Memaris, and when the entire neighborhood turns up to free them, he locks everyone into the Smith's backyard.Francine and Hayley turn their terrorist camp into a spontaneous party, and everyone wins.

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When Stan forgets his anniversary, he arranges to have 20 hours of Francine’s memory erased, but the CIA temp on duty accidentally erases 20 years.

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