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Activity is reduced on weekends so setups for orders placed during or right before weekend are usually done on Monday. The hosting limits are for the total streaming bandwidth, not for the number of connections.

Regular dedicated servers have 10Mbps or 100Mbps shared connections.

Wowza Streaming Engine / Media Server is a high-performance, extensible and fully interactive Flash media server for live and on-demand streaming, chat and recording.

For live or on-demand streaming to computers, mobile devices and IPTV/OTT endpoints, the Wowza platform delivers superior features, benefits and functionality.

Special rtmp addresses to archive all live streams or just record.In example to transfer 2000 Gb of data in a month, a sustained 6Mbps connection usage would be required 24/7 for 30 days.When estimating requirements that should be used for calculations.To quickly compare bandwidth, space and price see video hosting for business comparison tables.Hosting on Wowza Streaming Engine can use as much bandwidth as available per plan (see plan specs) and there are no software limitations for the number of simultaneous connections.

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HTTPS included: Auto SSL provides SSL certificates and automated HTTPS configuration for sites that don't have own certificates.considering RTMP required for live streaming usually demands setting up a dedicated server and Wowza Streaming Engine license alone starts from $95/month, our fully compatible all including managed plans starting from $50/month are a very good offer CPanel, Dedicated IP, SSL & HTTPS, FFMPEG Media & Document Converters, Transcoding, HLS / DASH HTML5 Live Streaming, Recording / Archiving, Restreaming RTSP IP Cameras, Playlist Scheduling, Unlimited Subdomains/Databases/FTP & Email Accounts Developer plans are mainly for testing, setup and development phase of projects and for developer teams to showcase their work.

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