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Visitors are usually granted entry for up to 90 days.For further enquiries about visas, visit the website of the nearest British Embassy or High Commission, or the Government of Bermuda website.Road accidents involving scooters are relatively common, and have resulted in serious injury or even death. The national speed limit is 35kmh (22mph) but is lower in some urban areas.Outside the major urban areas there are few footpaths or street lighting. Although there’s no recent history of terrorism in Bermuda, attacks can’t be ruled out.Common crimes include burglary, mugging, theft of unattended baggage and belongings, and theft of items from rental scooters.The Bermuda Police Service website provides Tourist Safety Tips. Stick to well-lit parts of the island and avoid quieter, darker streets. If you need help, contact the Bermuda Police Service in the first instance. Buses, ferries and taxis are generally safe, frequent and efficient.Serious incidents, including use of weapons, do occur.Take precautions to safeguard yourself and your possessions.

A small number of 2-person minicars are offered as an alternative to motorcycles in some locations. Roads are narrow, winding and undulating, and traffic may be heavy.The legendary writer, Mark Twain, popularised the islands in the late 19th century.“You go to heaven if you want – I’d rather stay here instead,” he cooed.Bermuda is probably best known for two things: lurid, knee-length shorts and the fabled Bermuda Triangle, a stretch of sea where boats and planes are said to have mysteriously disappeared.However, these lazy stereotypes serve only to distract from what is an exceptionally beautiful destination.

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John Lennon was another fan of the archipelago, which was the muse behind his song, Borrowed Time.

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