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My greatest career highlight has been getting my study and hard work recognised in the form of a promotion within my organisation.

Studying towards a Master of Business Administration (MBA) was always an ambition and following the AGMC pathway not only allowed me to enter the MBA through CSU, it afforded me the flexibility to work as well. Online study is great in the way that it allows for so much flexibility - I can work, volunteer and maintain a social life while I study.

All the facilitators and staff I've had the pleasure of learning from and dealing with have been knowledgeable, professional, informative, friendly, entertaining and above all supportive and helpful.

It has also given me an insight into what issues my external partners might face, making me a better negotiator.

The workplace-focused assessments have promoted my interest in parts of the business that I have otherwise overlooked.

Studying through the AGMC and CSU has presented a number of opportunities.

I've gained qualifications, established a great network and discovered an interest in fields that I had not considered previously for a career.

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