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And I looked up in Martindale-Hubbell, which is list attorneys, I wanted to find a patent attorney in Georgia.Well, of course, I wanted to use a woman, I thought it would be much easier to explain my idea, and I couldn't find one.A small woman wants a small waistband and a large woman wants a large waistband, it makes sense." So, with Spanx, all of the waistbands were sized accordingly and that was the first change I made. Blakely: And the other thing I learned, is the way that they did sizing just blew me away.They had these plastic forms in their mill, and they would put the product up on the plastic form and they'd all stand back with their clipboards and go, "Yep, that's a medium." [laughter] I remember I leaned in, I'm like, "Ask her how she feels." [chuckle] And they just looked at me. If this plastic form's not telling you in the middle of the day, it started binding, or it rolled or it didn't fit right?I'd walk in to the mill with my lucky red backpack, and they would always say, "And you are... I kept talking to all these men, in the process of trying to make my product, and I remember thinking, "Where are the women? " And then it dawned on me that maybe that's why our pantyhose had been so uncomfortable for so long because the people making them aren't wearing them, and if they are, they're not admitting it, [laughter] so, nobody really wanted to go there. When the industry was making the product, that they took the same size waistband and put it on every pair. Blakely: So, a size small woman and a size extra-large woman was getting the same waistband, so that they could cut costs during production.And I also learned that they were putting a tiny rubber cord inside of our waistbands.So, I called the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, and I asked for a recommendation of a female patent attorney, and the Chamber of Commerce actually said there's not a single female patent attorney right now in the whole state of Georgia. Blakely: So, I had to take my idea, I took my lucky red backpack with me on every step of the journey, and I went and met with three different law firms that I had looked up online.I presented my idea to them, you could see me trying to explain to the men how I'm gonna change the world, and make women's butts better, and that this is gonna be an idea that everyone would love.

I mean, it was revolutionary to make a bright red package.

I go back to the patent attorney and I say to him, "I have written the entire patent, I've drawn the abstract. She stood in our living room and drew the outline of my body, wearing the product 'cause you have to submit a picture with your patent.

And I don't know how to write the legal claims portion for a discounted price, will you please do it?

And the one attorney kept looking around the room, and I later found out why.

He admitted to me, he said, "Sara, I thought when I first met you, that your idea was so bad that I thought you had been sent by Candid Camera." [laughter] I said, "Well, that explains why you were looking around the room".

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