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Now, however, Rooms is back, albeit inside Facebook's popular Messenger service.

Ultimately, Facebook pulled the plug on its Creative Labs department in December 2015, which produced products like Rooms, Riff, and Slingshot, ending that experiment.

Shane says he began speaking about his feeling with his therapist and she explained to him that not all people are entirely gay or straight.

He went on to say that the reason he is making this video is because he knows that there are people like him out there who feel the same way.'I was very sad because I didn't want her to think that I was gay and that I was hiding it from her and that I was using her as a beard because that's what the whole Internet probably thinks,' Shane says tearfully.

His feelings of shame and fear made him turn to an eating disorder and depression.

He notes he even wrote his collection of essay titled I Hate Myself during this difficult period of his life.

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