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" To which the response was "Nothing would happen, this should solve the issue." (Last I heard, every one of the employees in that department left the organization or moved to new departments eventually).

Maximize your downtown location by being more embedded with the local churches within a 5 mile radius. It's not a bad place to work if you have a family, there are plenty of holidays, vacation compensation isn't terrible (10 business days to start, and you get more after 5, 10 and 20 years [or so] at the company) and flex hours are good.They interview, go through the steps (usually, they are also handling the responsibilities of the position that opened up), and then they are passed over for someone from another department (happened 1 times) or hire someone from outside the company (happened 3 times).In each case I can know of, the department suffered in some way."Oh, but I could live in the suburbs." Yeah ok, if you want to spend at least 2-3 hours per day commuting. There was no hope for a career, pay far below what peers made at other companies, and an inability to have any input or make any real difference in the company.At one point during a celebration for someone who had worked at the company for ~30 years (whose spouse commuted with them and also worked downtown), was calculating how long they had commuted together in YEARS spent in the car.- Millennials? There's also considerations like "maternity leave" that in my opinion should be a no-brainer for a Christian, a young mother needs to use all vacation, personal time, and then go without pay for having a child.

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In two of the cases where someone was hired from outside the company, they were later let go for various reasons, mainly because they didn't fit the culture.- Management doesn't care.

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