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It addresses the "coolness" issue by providing a service that students actually need – shrinking the campus to make options more accessible.Apprehensions aside, more than 1,700 Wildcats have accounts, and that number is only growing.The problem with this initial generation of techno-romance was people’s reliance on words and pictures to assess compatibility.No matter how hard we try, no profile can ever adequately capture a person’s full character.Love and compatibility unfortunately can never be solved using algorithms.“What mobile dating does is it gets beyond all of the silliness,” Finkel said. It gets beyond these fake algorithms, and it gets back to the way people used to assess compatibility, which is face to face.”Generation III – cell phone-based networks like Tinder and Friendsy – features a system that makes zero promises of compatibility.Instead, the primary service being provides is simply increasing the number of options.“I think the best we can do is facilitate meeting, and the more people you meet, the more likelihood there is that you’ll meet somebody that you like,” Finkel said.Two Fridays ago, Emily Blim was walking back to her apartment after her final class of the week, when a particularly trendy friend – someone Blim described as “really up on, like, all the apps” – told her about a hot new hookup app called Friendsy.

There’s an important insight there: mobile matchmakers don’t hamper human interaction in the same way it can be argued that technology does on a broader spectrum.

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But a little mystery is the key to helping shier folk make that first move, said the company’s co-founder and COO Michael Pinsky, a Princeton University senior who fashioned the app with his own campus in mind.“The great thing about the anonymous matchmaking is that it removes all of the fear behind taking that first step and potentially being rejected,” Pinsky said.

“There’s no such thing as being rejected on Friendsy.”And in the literal sense, that’s true.

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