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Between 17, the province was subdivided in two administrative counties (län), Kristianstad County and Malmöhus County, each under a governor (landshövding) appointed by the central government of Sweden.

How to request a refund Apply for a refund You are entitled to a full refund of your ticket if you are travelling to, from or via any of the above mentioned locations on Monday 27 November 2017 up to and including Sunday 17 December 2017, and your flight was cancelled by KLM, AIR FRANCE and/or Delta Air Lines, or was delayed for more than 3 hours and you did not travel.The same was also true about the Danish military, though to a far lesser extent.The region did not become part of Sweden proper until 3. Between the initial Swedish conquest and this date, Scania had the same status as for instance Swedish Pomerania, territory owned by the Swedish Monarch.For the province's modern administrative counterpart, Skåne län, the endonym Skåne is used in English.and the southernmost tip of what is today Sweden was called Scania by the Romans and thought to be an island.

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