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Not because they can’t get enough of you, but because a single photo is not a reliable indicator of what you look like. Use photos and emails for spotting potential, but don’t start fancying the pants off a two-dimensional image. More men than women advertise on most dating sites, so the girls get the pick of the bunch. Read the profiles that get most views, and pick up tips from them. You may think you’re “connecting”, but you can’t judge chemistry unless you meet up.Six emails in total – not each – is enough to know whether you want a date. Chances are that you won’t fancy each other, or that only one of you will fancy the other. It’s easy to lose faith when your first few dates don’t work out.By the second date, you'll have warmed up to each other and will be more forgiving of things that you might have wrongfully over-weighed, such as a stupid comment, on the first date.One way to put a time cap without coming off as rude: Tell him that you already have dinner plans with a friend or need to be home to walk the dog or have to finish up some office work, but would love to meet him for coffee or a glass of wine before you have to go.

Say which music you like, and your favourite place to see your friends.“If you cut it short, it's allowing you to judge him on your basic biological needs and not on the things that aren't immediately important,” Fisher says.In other words, if you're on the fence about this guy, think of reasons to say “yes” rather than “no,” and give it another go.Once you've decided that he is, in fact, tall enough, fit enough, and handsome enough, you start to look at other signs of his personality, like how he's dressed, his watch, if he has tattoos.“We are judgy because the brain is trying to decide whether you're going to have babies with that person.Even if you don't want babies, you're thinking about your family, community, daily lifestyle, economic future, social future, sexual future, and intellectual future,” Fisher says.

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“A low voice is an indication of certain hormone levels and other abilities too.” Wink, wink.3. Once the sound of his sexy voice has you entranced, you start to pay attention to the actual words coming out of his hopefully luscious lips.

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