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But, love isn't supposed to be some rational endeavor. This is a great book for any woman dating a divorced man, and, in particular, one for whom you suspect may not have completely dealt with his divorce, or still has emotional issues surrounding his divorce, that may negatively impact you as you go forward in a relationship with him.

You'll learn as you go, and maybe that means dating a divorced guy with a crazy ex and realizing it's not for you. The book covers several different topics and gives advice about what certain behaviors or attitudes of your boyfriend may indicate about whether your relationship is something worth investing in, and/or whether he is worth investing in.

Unfortunately, it is basically warning you about the various degrees of baggage divorced men have.

Also be aware that you will have a whole new set of issues with step children.This book bring a lot of warnings about kids from the ex wife who will become kids to the new wife.There are many conflict that step mother and grandmother and other family members will face in the daily bases with the "new" family member.I'm very grateful I found this book and recommend it to anyone having doubts about their relationship with a divorcing, separated or divorced man.It will save you from tons of confusion, frustration and strengthen your confidence and piece of mind.great book.

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If you are in this situation or related to someone that is going to date or marry a divorced man I strongly suggest to read this book. I picked up this book about 1 year into dating a divorcing man and I was so happy I did.

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