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She praised my musical performances no matter how poorly I played.

And she encouraged me in my Christian walk, like going to Young Life and youth group.

I was not the only one drawn to this attractive young man. After years in the Church as a child, a youth, and later in church leadership and teaching in a seminary, I am aware that men and women chosen to be leaders are often physically attractive.

When I taught in a seminary, I poked fun at the "Bachelor Phenomenon", explaining to my Christian education classes that the "ideal" youth leader in a Christian group needed to play three chords on the guitar around camp fires, design creative hats and t-shirts in neon colors, know an encyclopedia of non-violent games, spout memorized Bible verses when one left the Bible at home, and be young and good looking enough to get married and make babies thereby teaching the young women in the youth group to be babysitters.

Of course my active involvement in Young Life and church's youth group wasn't solely because of eye-candy Ron.

Baptized as an infant in my dad's Congregational Church in Brooklyn, NY, raised in Sunday School in Maplewood, NJ, I was shepherded in the faith by none other than my maternal grandmother.

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Ron was the entire package: a young man in his early twenties, a senior at a nearby college, and very easy on the eyes.They begin to recognize that being a Christian is not about religion. Rather, it is about relationship with Christ our Savior, the Holy Spirit our comforter and guide, and in all, God the Father. I discovered a passion for learning more about Scripture, and was proud of my young naïve thoughts about the Bible.But the one I wanted to hear from--and be near--was Ron.

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Even when my brother wore red sneakers, she was nevertheless delighted that we accompanied her to church.

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