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Takeda Pharmaceuticals Medicinal Chemistry/Discovery Novartis Discovery & Pre-Clinical Development Discovery & Pre-Clinical Development Novartis Early-Mid Stage Clinical Development and Commercial API (process development plus Clinical supply) and Formulation Development and Clinical Manufacture.

For DP Clinical Manufacture (supply) EMA Certification is a must for Novartis.

It also can force initial commercial supply to be manufactured with less than optimized processes and methods.

There is development work that can be done early to be prepared for expedited review but this comes at a cost.

When should we do the solid state studies and what kind of studies should we undertake? In-sourcing refers to the growing model where companies bring in scientists from an outside organization; they work side-by-side with the company’s internal team to enhance their project resourcing.

We will share our experiences across multiple collaborations and seek open discussion among the participants.

What formulation challenges arise with the fluorine in an API? Batch/Lot release testing and Stability science are two of these requirements.

In this round table we will look the current regulations, consider ASAP for predictive stability testing and ask what Brexit could mean for EU release testing.

New environmental regulations in China are having an effect. Is the FDA doing enough to make the US an attractive location to renew our manufacturing legacy culture? These are the companies that are developing most of our new drugs. Suppliers: No presentations, just business cards, and a 4 minute chat, then visit the next table that matches your service offerings.

This round table will discuss participants' experiences negotiating these competing but inevitable priorities. However, in reality, there are many service offerings that clients want pricing on over and over again.

In the current competitive pricing environment (Amazon, Trivago, etc...), the pharmaceutical service industry lags behind, only showing pricing after confidentiality agreements signed and when specifically asked for a quote. Vice President, Business Development Crystal Pharmatech Catalysis is used very frequently in drug development.

Merck Table #1 Discovery/Medicinal Chemistry Merck Table #2 Process Research & Development Abb Vie, Inc.

Large volume GMP production with Containment Small Volume, Highly Potent GMP production API Solids Processing Regulatory Starting Materials Newron Pharmaceuticals CRO/CMOs for API, Drug Product, Analytical and Clinical Supply Chain Management.

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