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You can also agree or disagree with other comments.All you need to do is be a Winnipeg Free Press print or digital subscriber to join the conversation and give your feedback.Unfortunately, the story they read was out-of-date, which explains why they were greeted by a sign welcoming them to the Harbour Café, when they pulled up to the listed address.“The way I understand it, they were very disappointed, and immediately got back on the highway for the return trip to Winnipeg.But after driving about 30 km, the woman found our Facebook page on her phone, at which point she told her husband to turn their car around and head here,” says Colleen Swifte, Blanchard’s mother-in-law and the owner of the new, New Alycia’s, which opened approximately 14 kilometres north of Gimli at the junction of Glen Bay Road and Evergreen Avenue, in March.Besides what’s on the menu, Swifte also pays homage to her predecessor by decorating her establishment with dozens of signed 8x10s, all of which originally adorned the walls of the Winnipeg Alycia’s.Predictably, there’s a photo of comedic actor John Candy, who, on more than one occasion, had perogies from Alycia’s shipped to his home in California. C., who wrote "Golleeeeee, Gomer says hi and it was great," above his signature."There’s Tommy Hunter, the Barenaked Ladies, Paul Brandt," Swifte says, taking a visitor past more snapshots.

Guided by our vision and mandate, we promote sustainable municipal infrastructure development, sustained investment in core infrastructure, and seamless, multi-modal transportation systems.The problem was, Blanchard had lost his left arm in a work-related accident a few years earlier and after a number of months, found it too difficult to run the restaurant, due to the unremitting pain from his injury."Because he wanted to see (New Alycia’s) keep going, he approached me in January of this year, about taking over, and moving everything here," Swifte says."It wasn’t the easiest decision, because by then, Paul’s (Grill) had built up a following of its own.After making the 90-minute trek to the restaurant, which is nestled in a thicket of trees directly adjacent to one of the province’s most popular snowmobile trails, he made a point of informing staff he is originally from Winnipeg, and he was planning on taking the perogies back with him on the plane, to the Big Smoke."I don’t have much of a history with the original Alycia’s — to tell the truth, I only ate there once — so to see the draw the name still has all these years later, especially with Winnipeggers and ex-Winnipeggers, has been truly incredible," Swifte says.'It's very important to me that there's still a tie to Marion and her family, through my daughter and son-in-law.I guess what I'd really love to see happen is for this restaurant to keep going and remain viable until my three grandchildren – Marion's great-grandchildren – are old enough to decide if it's something they'd like to take on, as well' restaurant critic Marion Warhaft once lauded as a "bastion of Ukrainian comfort food."From 1982 to 2007, Swifte worked in Winnipeg’s public library system.

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