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One interviewee warned: “When people feel isolated and angry because they are not being treated with respect and if they go out and fight in Syria and when they come back there is no help, then I promise you, you will see more terrorism because these young people will think why should I do anything when my own Government don’t care about me.” As many as 800 Britons are estimated to have travelled to fight for or support jihadi groups in Syria or Iraq, and around half are feared to have returned to the UK.

The national study found young British Muslims across the UK believe returnee fighters should be reintegrated into society, with one saying the Government should “give them a chance” and another warning that “otherwise they are gonna find another extremist group and join them”.The voluntary programme uses a network of mentors, psychologists and trained imams to counsel and guide those at risk.Mr Deen said the programme was “very effective” for those who engage with the programme, leading individuals to disavow their extremist beliefs.Adam Deen, Executive Director of anti-extremism think-tank Quilliam UK, warned returnee fighters must be referred to Channel and monitored in case they are planning to form a terror cell or conduct an attack.“What is important here is that the more Isis are under siege and the more territory they're losing, the more they're going to channel their efforts and energies into terrorism,” he said in an interview with .

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Dr Awan said rehabilitation programmes in Denmark had been “successful in terms of policing and making sure returnee fighters are looking for jobs and contributing towards society,” and suggested returnee fighters could “provide a powerful counter narrative” to dissuade people from going to fight for Isis.

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