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And it certainly does not add to structural integrity.The colours go more towards the old 1990's standard, the smaller parts the figurines seem to hang more towards the end of the 1980's.The brick quality was clear immediately, not-quite-alike and not entirely in alignment.What also caught my eye in the first few steps is that the bricks supplied were smaller than would have been efficient and sturdy.The Enlighten kit really lifted my spirits tonight.I had planned on giving away all the end products, having someone in mind for this set as well, but I think I really king of want to keep it!

This last part because I had heard horrible comments about that quality of the knock off boxes.

Most parts go easily on and stick decently, but some have slight disfigurements that make them hard to apply. There are no big problems with building and it can be completed in a fairly straight forward manner, but at some points I had to wonder: "Would any kid under 16 have the finger strength to get everything on? I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of it, but on one of the sides the "Police" print was set too far to the left, making it an "olice" helicopter on that side.

The fit to normal LEGO was acceptable, although the alignment is not optimal.

This breaks a little from the ideology "Gather your tools first, count them, then build" but it does add a little to the clarity and ease of it all.

All in all it is hard to make a choice between who has the best booklet, because they are both pretty decent.

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