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This topic is just too taboo for us to have enough source material for 20 good posts a day.

And I'd rather not keep having the same discussions over the same material.

It's just my take..., which is due to be released straight to DVD sometime before the end of the year, probably around Halloween.

It has been rated R for strong bloody sadistic violence and torture, sexuality/nudity and pervasive language. Insomniac - there may be another red flag on "Hostel III" - direct to video - of course that's a double edged sword so you're right, we will wait and see - thanks for the heads up.

I do drop by your site every now and again in my quest for source material and ideas for pics. 'Course, it takes a strong back and solid muscles, like Conan has. ------- Here's an electro suspension scene, for fans of such perversions, from a movie named Chameleon.In my opinion, the future of this site shouldn't even come into question as long as the traffic is up.If/when the traffic starts to dip, that's when you should really be concerned.Considering how great Hostel: Part II was, this one certainly has potential. "The story concerns a Vegas bachelor party that turns grisly, Hostel-style" according to one review site. Ralphus - and now that you have been tasked by Nia and realize your mission is to continue doing God's work we can all chime in with an "Amen".Covers - just wanted to mention how much I have enjoyed the witch themed paperbacks you have featured the last few days.

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