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Prime was killed by the surviving Ontongard, Hex, but not before he had artificially inseminated Kicking Deer, a woman of the Umatilla tribe, who gave birth to a boy named Magic Boy (described in flashback in Tainted Trail).Before his death Prime also infected a wolf, Coyote, with his blood, converting Coyote into his "Get," with all his memories and effective immortality via the same "blood mice" method that Ukiah has.Before dying, Prime managed to infect a wolf, Coyote, with his blood, turning him into a Get.Coyote, as Prime's Get, continued the war against the Ontongard, eventually taking human shape.His lack of human contact in his childhood has deprived him of much of the knowledge of how to behave socially, as well as pop culture references.During the course of the first novel it becomes apparent that Ukiah is, in fact, not human—or at least not completely human.The four novels form a near-continuous series of adventures located, with flashbacks, between June and September 2004.Ukiah Oregon is described in the first novel, Alien Taste, as a Pittsburgh-based private investigator of probable Native American ancestry, apparently aged about 21 years old.

This is a defense mechanism that allows cells to live independently if the main body is injured.These animals contain some of his memories, and they will subsequently try to rejoin him to be reabsorbed by his body; failure to reabsorb such a "blood animal" results in the loss of that memory.Ukiah can even be killed, but as long as his body is not destroyed (e.g. It is revealed that several centuries ago the invasion force of a hive mind species called the Ontongard arrived in the Solar System with the intention of converting all life on Earth into a copy of itself, via a form of viral infection.Hex's goal is to take over Earth, but he has been locked in a war with the Pack for decades.Kittaning is Ukiah's "son," though he was actually formed by one of Ukiah's blood mice.

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