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Build a Better Diet This class is perfect for you if you’ve been recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes or if you are looking for a simple nutrition refresher class.The class is FREE and takes place at the Wentworth-Douglass Professional Center, Dover, NH. Build a Better Diet: Family This class is perfect for parents with children ages 5 – 17 who wish to eat better as a whole family. The Berrie Center has one of the largest pediatric diabetes programs. They need special care—and at the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center they get it.

A highlight is the visit to the Berrie Center labs where children get to see first-hand the kind of research that could one day make a difference in their treatment and their lives.It manages one of the largest numbers of patients with adolescent-onset Type 2 diabetes and one of the largest insulin pump programs in the country.Just when children want to belong and be like their friends, managing their diabetes day to day can make them feel isolated.We can also tap into our outside network, including Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York-Presbyterian.To avoid burdening patients’ families, records are kept together and coordinated by a single case manager.

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Because so much of diabetes management depends on education and training, children and their families get the information and education that’s designed for the child’s age group.

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