Edmonton dating site killer

Gilles said: "I get shivers down my back thinking about it.

It should have been me and I should be in pieces right now in a sewer.

"He was using the internet to lure people and to explore that fantasy that he liked so much, and make it a reality." Gilles added: "That man, he was just pure evil.The woman refused to provide an address where Altinger was to meet her, but instead gave directions to a back-alley garage in Mill Woods.“I wasn’t too happy about the instructions and I told John to give me a call when he got there and to give me the address before he went into the place,” Smith told court on Tuesday during the first-degree murder for Mark Twitchell. Smith recalled that his good-natured friend sounded lighthearted on the phone that night.The pair had known each other since elementary school and spoke or e-mailed almost every day.Smith didn’t think to ask for the garage address again, he told court.He thought the date was over and that his friend was going home.

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