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I have a tendency to overanalyze anyways, and I’m ] As “Absolute Justice” rolls around, where do things stand with Lois and Clark (played by Tom Welling)?

We’re still at the tentative, starting out phase, realizing that we have feelings for each other, doing the dating thing…. While Clark is out meeting his costumed peers, what’s Lois up to?

near where "Smallville" was filmed -- but moved to L.

On Wednesday morning (January 10, 2018) the American Sun-Times reported Tom Welling and girlfriend, to be shopping for engagement rings.

Fancast – Lois Lane may not yet be aware of her sweetheart Clark’s alter ego, but she’s about to dig up some other top-secret out-of-this-world intel.

On the occasion of ‘Smallville’s two-hour “Absolute Justice” event (Friday at 8/7c, The CW), we invited Erica Durance to preview Lois’ next big scoop and weigh in on the truly super romance currently unfolding on our screens. I asked Brian Peterson this question, and would now like to get your take: What was more difficult, keeping the Clark-Lois romance at arm’s length or now honoring it? It’s always tricky, when you’ve created this kind of angst-filled relationship, to figure out a great way for them to get together.

Your mom’s not within earshot like the last time we talked, is she? So I think it was a lot more difficult figuring out how to honor this relationship.

Being so iconic, it already has such a great blueprint out there.

” The energy was so different on set when she walked in.Some of the fans have dubbed your costumed self “Wonder Lane.” [] We have these great designers who made me an “Amazon princess” for the day, because we have to be careful not to do Wonder Woman.And Lois then has to deal with this run-in with Zatanna, who – let’s face it – is every woman’s nightmare.Lois is doing her own investigative research [into the Justice Society of America].What I love about this is she’s running parallel to what everybody else is doing.

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