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” Mac Kenzie Wilson, Founder and Creative Director, Delight Ministries “As a mom with two girls, one in middle school and one in college, Kristen’s fresh perspective brings hope to the struggles girls experience from our social media and selfie-driven world.Through the constant struggles of inadequacy, distorted desires, and obsession with appearance and performance, Face Time: Your Identity in a Selfie World, offers girls a gospel-centered solution to the ‘identity crisis’ currently consuming our distracted and disconnected culture.Say hello to Visual Friend, a new and free Internet dating service that brings “singles, Face Time, and your i Phone 4 all together in one fantastic, engaging place.”Visual Friend is essentially a curated version of Chatroulette, where i Phone 4 users can connect face-to-face though Face Time, Apple’s new video calling app.

What’s more, Visual Friend promises to help find your soul mate.i Chatr launched last month, and in the past few weeks, job offers have been popping up all over Craigslist for video-sex workers.Visual Friend does all that leg-work for you–but without the cost and Craigslist-stigma.” Ellen Mary Dykas, Women’s Ministry Director, Harvest USA; author of Sexual Sanity for Women: Healing from Sexual and Relational Brokenness and Sex and the Single Girl: Smart Ways to Care for Your Heart “Face Time offers an age-old solution to a current crisis.Today’s teenagers are the first generation of people to live their entire life with exposure to social media.

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