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Later on, the young man moved to Iran for higher Islamic studies.

Prior to his entry into Afghanistan, he was studying in a Pakistani seminary.

It is characterized by biases and unwarranted inferences that should cause any reader to be skeptical about its arguments. And it draws conclusions that far exceed what might reasonably be concluded from its ‘comprehensive accounting’ even if one assumes – against the evidence – that this accounting is accurate.

Yet [Herold’s] methodology suffers from two serious weaknesses.

Is the suffering of Afghan women not worthy of representation in literature because it can be appropriated for political agendas, has some choice words for both those who cry “neo-orientalism, neo-colonialism!

” and for those who see the suffering of Afghan women as fitting into their conservative internationalist agenda. I spent so much time trying to debunk the idea about Chechens being in Afghanistan and one is caught in Paktia.

Civilian casualties must be reduced to zero (inshallah). PS: I do not endorse this model of counterinsurgency in any way, shape or form. “Recent memoirs written by women from Afghanistan have also been critiqued for succumbing to the “neo-orientalist” paradigm of presenting yet another example of suffering, eastern women beaten down by their barbaric men and suffering at the hands of a medieval culture.

But having someone like Professor Herold being treated by the media as both an expert on Afghanistan and an expert on civilian casualties of war will do nothing but create doubt among the public in those countries whose troops are in Afghanistan. To these critics, Hosseini’s heroines, Mariam and Laila, are not women emerging from a chasm of hopelessness but rather an indictment of a whole society that will be discarded and denigrated by the Western reader as inherently misogynistic.

It usually went something like this: “Yeah, we’re fighting the hardcore al Qaeda troops right now. Uyghurs……and…uh ….reanimated zombie corpses of Confederate soldiers and Chechens.” OK, maybe they did not actually say Malaysians but you get the point.In fact, Human Rights Watch launched into unsupported, personalized criticisms of my research and for now close to four years ignored the war criminals in the Karzai regime.” Context to the above passage: In his letter to RAWA, a (Swiss? Anyways, you may find the Human Rights Watch report on the aforementioned criminals here.) associate professor of economics and women’s studies at the University of New Hampshire, Marc Herold, extols himself in the third person while excoriating Human Rights Watch (funded by Jew-capitalists, don’t you know? The Human Rights Watch Afghanistan page is also very useful. Despite Herold’s lament about “mainstream persons” ignoring him, numerous sources such as (naturally) who couldn’t find Herold’s sources (whoops) on civilian casualties in Afghanistan.“Dear RAWA: Yes, we HAVE KNOWN FOR A LONG TIME - and do not need Human Rights Watch to tell us - that terrible criminals are in the puppet Karzai regime. When RAWA spoke about the criminals in government or when Marc Herold reported on civilian casualties, very few mainstream persons listened. I find it very revealing that only when mainstream organizations “report” - like Human Rights Watch which is completely funded by the capitalist financial speculator, George Soros - does the world begin to notice, no?

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