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I run around my apartment a little out of sorts, throwing random items of clothing into an overnight bag.From reading the hospital’s website, I know I can’t bring anything with drawstrings, but I throw my green hoodie in the bag anyway. My packing done and my hospital check-in time set, I’m not sure what else to do with myself on a Friday afternoon.Once, in a fit of loneliness and after hours of watching porn, I called my friend Tom who used prostitutes. Most of them were pregnant or trying to conceive, and I was happy to keep them healthy on their journey. Tom, on the other hand, takes more than a little pleasure in spending his days between women's legs. She was all ready in her uniform, and we always ate together before I drove her to her Catholic high school. I'd spent my whole life in women's healthcare; there was no way I could let my baby go to a place like that. He put me in contact with a girl named Laura, who was nineteen and cute and could deepthroat me for fifteen minutes straight. I've noticed how he tends to snap up the young patients - he's very funny and personable, and most of them don't see through him - so he can, as he's told me, be the first to put his fingers into their girly pussies. But he's not a bad doctor, and he's never done anything like take photos of patients or touch them inappropriately. But when Penny turned eighteen and asked for an exam, I wasn't about to find out. "I said," Penny's cheeks were bright red, and my heart broke for her. "Lucy just had her first female exam, and she says since I'm eighteen I should get one. As I washed my hands and put on my white coat, I tried to think of alternatives. Maybe we could visit her grandma and sign her up for an exam there. Tom - I imagined him telling his friends about my daughter's pussy and wanted to kill him.

I speared her with my cock, grabbed her by the hips, and began to fuck her from behind.

So about once a month I paid her a visit, but always felt guilty afterwards.

"I'm just going to have to think about it," I said. " Penny nodded, and got up to place her bowl in the sink. I put my coat down on the chair and came over to the bed. I reminded myself that it might be time to start dating again, maybe Tinder, so I could meet young ladies normally.

I filled up a plate and warmed it in the microwave, trying to get the guilt out of my head. People had fantasies, and it wasn't as if I'd fantasized about Penny.

"Why don't we wait until you visit grandma at Christmas?

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