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We went to where the water came to our barbells came and told me that she had also felt, that electricity that cut the air between us two.

Talking about this, that’s why I knew that my 23 years old were good.

It noticed that she and her friends carried a party in their souls for several hours because they laughed at the beat of the techno beats that came out of Bluetooth speakers that they brought with them. I answered, we introduced his name was Nora, and he came from Norway, they had arrived three days before me, and they were going to spend two weeks on the beach.

We stared at her when I saw her stop and walk towards me, determined and with a mischievous smile. They were staying at the hotel together because Malvarrosa beach in Valencia, is characterized by having right places near the sea.

We kept talking, and it seemed we were close for a long time because the conversation flowed too well.

When without more than saying, Nora took the tanning cream, and began to pass it all over my body, and especially my breasts.

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