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I heard the boat whistle blow on Sunday afternoon, more than an hour after I had thought the last run had departed.

It was a perfect moment, no one there who would be overwhelmed by my overly-friendly retriever who, much to my amazement, came when I waved to her a bit later.

The shore surprised me, wide and quite sandy, if with a lower profile than it had before the storm.

It felt rained upon, but so had I when I had stood beside the road near town earlier in the afternoon.

The neighbor had been over that morning to tend to a chore that would have to be done sooner or later and, from my perspective, the possibility of a storm was a good reason to get it over and done with before Labor Day.

We did not know what would happen; we agreed there had been some of that undefinable air of something approaching a day earlier, but that odd sensation had blown away by Sunday.

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  1. At one point it also cuts to Trump (or rather his cardboard cut out) surrounded by placards with Hillary Clinton’s face crossed out on them, highlighting controversies around gender discrimination in the recent US election.