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The site is classy-looking, not sleazy like a lot of the websites we’ve seen.This is obviously a place where people of all ages and backgrounds go when they want to hook up. Over a period of four months, we sent out 720 total emails—that’s three guys, sending two emails a day, for a total of three months. Just to put that in perspective, on a dating website a good number of replies is between 40 and 50 percent, with 50 being very high.

Even though we’re pretty hard to gross out, it can still be done. Of the over 600 emails we got back, we really liked a lot of the girls, but weren’t sure we actually wanted to go out with them.

That actually kind of worked for our aloof persona, so it wasn’t that bad, just frustrating. We’re not sure what they put in the water, but we were blown away at how many of the girls on Social Sex were actually smoking hot.

Not a passable six, not a four with the lights off, but full-blown eights, nines, and tens for the most part.

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