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" Users of drinking water wells near the unlined ash pits have been using bottled water supplied by Duke for more than two years after concerns emerged over the safety of their well water.

A state law signed last year requires the Charlotte-based company to pay to extend drinking water lines to nearby homeowners or provide them with advanced filtration systems by October 2018.

Those supplements included ,000 to support "the transition to a new water supply," cash to cover 25 years of water bills and other monetary incentives.

But Graham said the strings attached to the agreement are unacceptable, and her neighbors near the Dukeville plant and across the state have refused to sign.

"What neighbors do you know want you to sign away your rights?

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— A group of homeowners living near coal ash ponds across the state filed a class-action lawsuit against Duke Energy on Wednesday, arguing the company is requiring nearby residents to agree to "unfair, deceptive and unconscionable" terms in return for permanent drinking water sources required by the state.

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