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The first officer was flying the plane, when at 2,600 ft., an audible alarm sounded indicating a wide angle of attack. A: (incomprehensible) A: (incomprehensible) 2P: Coooooooold. ,5: D: Polish Air Force 1-0-1, for information at Smolensk visibility 400 meters fog. KVS: We'll try to approach, we'll make one attempt, but most likely nothing will come of it. KVS: We can hang around for half an hour and fly to the reserve. Eleven seconds later the aircraft swung around 180 degrees and entered a flat spin. ,2: KVS: Not looking good, there's fog, it's unknown whether we'll land. (incomprehensible) A: And if we don't land, then what? A: (incomprehensible) A: What information do we have (incomprehensible) to Warsaw? KVS: If it turns out that (incomp.), what should we do? People asking about Australia and New Zealand,they were part of the British Empire at this time and still were up until a few years ago. Load5sec/openfile/Dot_eye_Is_watching_always_(capshold4sec)you_are_never_safe/close/delete/? /shutdown/Load66sec/password/mrured/load3sec.../success/end/Looks like 4chan came through... BTW, if anyone is confused about the above questions of Australia, New Zealand, and Canada; they were most likely considered as the UK as they were part of the empire. And then he felt Brendon pull out, leaving him empty and loose. " "I love you." "I love you, too, Ry." Brendon waited until he'd stopped shaking before he got up to turn out the lights and set the alarm on his phone. Also America gained no land and was barely involved until it upset their own fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fuk yo fukwww/ex/copy/.... Load5sec/openfile/Dot_eye_Is_watching_always_(capshold4sec)you_are_never_safe/close/delete/? /shutdown/Load66sec/password/mrured/load3sec.../success/end/www/ex/copy/.... Success/Enter/Load....22sec/Password/\\"Axtruc\\"/Enter/.... Also for any stuffy Americans reading the USA section and thinking we were left out, it's because the US didn't really do shit except try to call in everyone's tabs after bankrolling the allies AND Germany throughout the war. He whimpered at the loss, turning and pressing his face into the boy's chest as he laid down beside Ryan in the bed. It's all right." He kissed the boy's temple, fingertips gently massaging feeling back into Ryan's muscles. Early morning." Ryan whimpered, nodding, wondering if he'd be able to walk properly the next day. Then he crawled back into bed and held Ryan until he fall asleep before he got up to clean the bathroom and put the equipment back in their suitcase. = Unknown () = editorial insertion Aviation Safety Network # = expletive deleted NAV 845, 5700 (meters QNE) ATC 845 Razdolye confirmed (passing of waypoint), 5700 (meters) NAV 125.2 CAP Okay RDO-1 Irkutsk approach 85845, g July 04, 2001 Near Irkutsk, Russia Vladivostokavia Airlines, Flight 352 Tupolev TU-154M RA-85845 The plane crashed and exploded in flames in Siberian woodlands near the village of Burdakovka, about 21 miles from Irkutsk. ,7: B/I: Can I have the air pressure and temperature too? The aircraft crashed during the third turn in a landing approach to Irkutsk, an intermediate stop for refueling. He didn't want to come yet, but he knew he didn't have a choice anyway. Brendon liked to watch him, said he could see Ryan melt through his eyes when they were in bed. link=//https://doleta.gov/regions/reg03/Pages/exit.cfm?

When Ryan's eyes popped open even wider and he let out the tiny squeak, he knew he'd found the spot.

044: As far as I remember, at 500 metres we were still above the clouds. Then his hand tightened again and they repeated the pattern until his boyfriend started shaking his head, not wanting to use the safe word, but wanting Brendon to know he'd had enough.

2P: But is the thickness of the clouds 400-500 metres?? He reached for his boyfriend's hand, pressing the palm against his throat. Brendon didn't need to be told twice, squeezing down on Ryan's neck, releasing after a moment to let him gasp for breath.

He let up on the pressure, his tongue slipping back inside once more, teasing, pulling out to trace around the inside. Then he was between Ryan's legs, bending them at the knee and separating them, settling between the thighs before he pushed in, no lubricant and no warning. They looked like any other couple just then, he mused.

He began to suck and Ryan let out a stream of expletives that Brendon had never heard before. Brendon pulled off almost immediately, but didn't straighten up yet, pressing two fingers into Ryan abruptly, smirking at the boy's gasp. He pulled away after a moment and the older boy gave an airy sort of sigh. He wrapped his arms around his boyfriend's neck, leaning up to kiss his neck.

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