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As soon as they win you over or ‘catch’ you, they let you go – you’re ‘released’ as soon as you catch feelings. be said playfully (in music or between very good friends), but more often you’ll find it used to insult someone who has been deemed slutty, a gold-digger, low-class or, most likely, all three.As dating terms go, this is a very loaded piece of slang – so probs one best avoided.When a guy posts a photo of himself at the gym, and captions it ‘gym life #workhardplayhard’ (and he’s working out shirtless, for some reason), that’s a thirst trap.Essentially it’s when you know you look – and you don’t mind all of Instagram knowing it too.Seemingly every month, a new dating term starts trending.

You want them to be open to future flirting (or more), but you don’t want to be too vulnerable.

That’s because cushioning (or ‘layby’) is benching done by those in serious relationships.

They can’t bear the thought of being single so they employ a bench of ‘safety cushions’ – aka people they’re breadcrumbing. The guys who start Whats App conversations with a ‘you up? The dudes who’ll never say that you’re dating – instead you’re ‘hanging out’. It’s a favourite f*ckboy pastime, but catch and release is by no means just done by men.

When a girl posts a selfie captioned ‘love my new necklace!

’ (and it’s really a cleavage shot), that’s a thirst trap.

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