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The aim of this study was to carry out an overview of the insight into these potential targets for the treatment of OAB and DO.

Thus, a narrative review was done in order to reach this goal.

The former is involved in embryological development, oncogenesis, keratinocyte function and immune responsiveness.

The latter regulates contractility of smooth muscle in the vasculature, airways and urinary bladder [9].

Although overactive bladder (OAB) and detrusor overactivity (DO) are not synonyms, they share therapeutic options and partially underlying physiopathological mechanisms.

The aim of this overview is to give insight into new potential targets for the treatment of OAB and DO.

The BK channel seems to have a very significant role in reducing both cholinergic- and purinergic-induced contractility and it has been suggested that alterations in BK channel expression or function could contribute to OAB occurrence [23].When antimuscarinic therapy fails, other drugs for facilitation of urine storage can be used.Their pharmacological targets can be found at the levels of the urothelium, detrusor muscles, autonomic and afferent pathways, spinal cord and brain [8].Experimental investigations have revealed that expression and/or function of these ion channels and receptors may be altered in animal models and patients with OAB.Some of these ion channels and receptors may be potential therapeutic targets for bladder diseases.

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The only currently available tool to link them is urodynamics.

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