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Taylor Swift might have been in hiding from the entire world for the past 3 months, but someone who probably saw her quite often was her new, rumored boyfriend, Joe Alwyn!This news comes as a total shock to Swifties, who believed their idol had gone off the grid to write and record her next album. Joe lives in London and Taylor has reportedly rented an apartment across the pond to be closer to him.Just continue walking down untill you reach a door and open it slowly. Now step into this new world and into the new happy you.Imagine the whole experience from the inside, seeing what you would see, hearing what you would hear, and feeling how good and happy things are now. We often misjude the situations and lose out ourselves. You are strong, you are capable ​of loving yourself, don't let someone degrade you. In this huge wide world, there is someone who is waiting for you.

And you will soon move out of that tunnel into that beautiful bright light which is your forwarded life only if you make yourself strong and prevent yourself from falling apart. Honestly, at this point of time all of us do nothing other than sitting in our room with the lights off and shed tears. But one day I realised that this is all not worth fighting for. You know, there will be really big hurdles in your life, much more difficult than this one.The searing pain of a failed relationship is the greatest suffering many of us will experience.Nobody has a clue they've been walked past a music superstar – not even her new neighbors." Someone who is supposedly one of the "Bad Blood" singer's close pals revealed, "This isn't a new couple alert or a secret relationship – the only people this has been a secret to is the media because all of us, Taylor and Joe's closest friends and their families, were aware they have been together for several months and have known each other for a long time.After her 1989 tour and all the attention Taylor received, she learned she had to be more protective of her personal life and she and Joe decided early on to keep their private life private." RELATED: Katy Perry Is Reportedly Getting Revenge on Taylor Swift Well, it looks like the cat is out of the bag!

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