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Merely projecting an image is akin to falsity; you must genuinely and steadfastly practice what you preach.Better Late than Never This ascendant paradigm in marketing is completely natural--almost expected.They are perceived as an encumbrance and in some cases, invasive.The second is that the Internet dissipated the curtain of shadows that once hid corporate activity.

Shift in the Marketing Environment Marketing as an environment has always been ruled by three externalities: Consumer psychology, the market itself, and, the economics of marketing.To date, these three externalities have fluctuated in measurable ways. In the past there were gargantuan barriers to entry for marketers.Only the most lucrative agencies and brands could afford to advertise on popular media channels.No longer are corporations impregnable fortifications. What remains of them is transparent, and it must be if companies are to win the confidence of their customer-bases.The third is the rise of social media channels as news outlets where people share current events as they happen as opposed to retrospectively. The fourth is the overturn of the morality of consumerism.

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