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If not hit an arrow key and hit return to enter the appropriate partition.

Besides, my next challenge is to try to load Lion on this puppy Things to bear in mind before installation: What Works* 1064x600 Resolution* Track Pad* Keyboard* Battery Menu Indicator* Wi-FI* Sound What Does not work* Sleep (wakes to a black screen)* Microphone* QE/CI hardware acceleration for Intel 3150GMA (maybe donate to Melkort?I purchased this machine through for around 9.95.Thus far, hardware wise I've been impressed with the quality, but I'll need to follow up later on its true durability and reliability.Sound works too if you go to System Preferences-Voodoo HDA and slide the two bars to the far right. I am very busy with college, so please don't expect much more than this guide.Same with the trackpad - with enabling two finger scrolling. I will if I have time improve upon it and add images, but maybe you guys could help with that and improve upon the process.

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