Ie8 rss feeds not updating

I need help and have no clue where to even begin dealing with all of these issues.

Mod Edit: Removed direct download link to unknown program in beta DM5E.

One more thing, you can save web pages in MHTML format using Firefox and later open them using IE Hamlius.....

What, if anything, does OE have to do with *saved web-page openning since when it is opened that IE louds and the *opens in IE? What ever was installed with my XP Home; and updated accordingly, is what I have with regards to OE. OE is repaired in the same manner that IE is repaired/reinstalled..are one and the same, indivisible.

I can save it as "Webpage, complete (*.htm, html)" and open it. ( used to have problems saving and later opening MHT files using IE, now I use Firefox to save and view MHT, no problems so far Romeo29 ... I primarily just check email and browse the web; and updating of my AV/AS apps and other applications (checking for updates).

All other web-sites I have been to and saved any web-pages as *.mht/mhtml can be opened -- no problem. I don't know if anyone can help but it's start. On online gaming, no downloading/watching of videos or movies, etc. what do I have to do with IE7 or IE8 to be able to have and run Firefox?

I have to open Task Manager to "end process" for Internel Explorer. Not too soon afterwards, I believe MS did something to their web-pages.

Of course after being removed from the domain and disconnected from the corporate network, it couldn’t find the updates any more.

The Windows 7 error messages were useless in locating this simple but obscure problem.

All I got was a notice that I needed a new version of Windows Update and error 8024402C when I tried to get it.

To fix this, go to the Control Panel and search for "Group Policy".

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