Internet dating business model

Both of these sites are based on failed business models.

Location-based dating sites only seem to be successful in the gay community.

He has done an exhaustive amount of research, a must for any startup, no matter your concept or target market (Mc Leod has both nailed down).Now, traditionally – and I mean pre-Internet – we met potential dates through friends.Mc Leod’s model is friends-of-friends, and there are a couple of them out there already, like Acquaintable, Clique, and DC-based Friendly Look.What Mc Leod has found, though, is there aren’t a lot of young people (18-35 year olds) on dating sites, even though they’re always online and technically savvy. They don’t like to fill out profiles and a lot of them, believe it or not, don’t want to say they met someone online.One of the biggest hurdles, though, is reaching critical mass – having enough people already on it and using it when it launches so it works as it should.

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It very well might be prostitution, but we’d be blind to imagine it won’t be popular.

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