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Because we're different, we misinterpret them all the time and that's a big key thing.

And since you brought up Maharishi or TM, I'm thinking back to my days when I was studying Eastern philosophy and there was a really key set of underlying message in the Eastern thought which is all suffering, and that's what we go through with women sometimes, it's inevitable; you've got ecstasy, you have suffering, they go hand in hand. The essence and number one cause of suffering, which was the plight of all these ancient philosophies is ignorance; that was their term, ignorance.

I think you'll find that his work is not at all what you imagined and there's a lot of insights and 'gold' that you'll get from this interview, and his work in general. We've spoken to a lot of people and there was a few differences; have you been doing this for 35 or 40 years or how many exact years? How many people do you know you've contacted in seminars and that kind of experience over time? [Angel Donovan]: You kind of think, "Oh, yeah, I remember that time I worked on you one-on-one in front of the audience or whatever. Just having dealt with so many people, you're obviously just a wealth of experience.

It's a real pleasure to have John with us on this interview. [John Gray]: Hundreds of thousands of people and it's hard to remember them all when they've seen me. The other thing I found really interesting was that you've studied so many things.

But if you're regular with it, then when you're in a relationship and it's inevitable that when you get in a relationship with a woman, she pushes button to upset you. That's a good skill because that means you can always rise above them if they get control of you.

In his own relationships, he's noticed how a lot of the difficulties - a lot of the things we struggle with - simply melt away once you've got some solid biochemistry that allows you to deal with relationship issues so much more easily, with less frustration. In the 90's, one of my girlfriends bought this book "Mars & Venus" and tried to get me to read it. I really wasn't receptive to new information at the time.

It was long before my journey actually started with all of this, and I had this preconception of "Mars & Venus". So it took me a long time to get around to reading John Gray's book, even though I'd been in this for a while. I'm sure it's a bit like Tony Robbins' kind of thing.

" Because my first courses on relationship were about Tantra and enlightened sexuality and how did I go from a monk to that? There's sort of this idea you're the guy, you should know, but when I told them I'm a monk, I've been celibate, I need to learn, teach me.

Well, if you haven't had sex in nine years, that becomes the biggest interest. So I learned about sex in that year, then I started teaching classes on it and I would say, "What we're going to do here is just basically talk about what makes sex great for you and what doesn't." And so I continued to learn and then I went on from there to recognize that to keep the passion and sexuality alive, it's about love. And not that I wasn't in love with the women I was with, but it was a lot and then you start narrowing down and you see how true love grows and you focus on one person and you grow and then becomes family.

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My biggest insight that I've had as far as relationships when we're dealing with women, you've got your own issues and you have to learn how to deal with your own issues.

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