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These guys are raking in the cash for the company, and even the less popular group members are still featured everywhere in variety shows, movies, dramas, commercials, radio shows and so on. Sure, Ohno’s scandal was pretty intense, but they were only photos.Asides from Kusano, Uchi and Morimoto Ryutaro getting kicked out of their groups for being underage, I can recall instances such as Inagaki Goro being arrested and being banned from all concerts and TV appearances for two years; Nino hitting a cyclist with his car and all Arashi members were banned from driving for the rest of the year; Aiba’s family restaurant got in trouble for trying to sell personal store goods; Ryo and Yamapi get told off all the time for associating with Jin and causing trouble around clubs; Koki got kicked out of KAT-TUN because of his side business, with bonus dick ring pictures…In terms of shotgun weddings, Kimura Takuya didn’t get in trouble from the company for marrying Kudo Shizuka because he still informed them in advance, plus he had to deal with fangirls killing themselves over the news.

However, on Ohno’s Arashi Discovery radio segment (FM Yokohama) which he hosts every weekday morning, he confessed that although he received the DVD, he probably won’t watch it because he’s too embarrassed and he’ll probably send it over to his parents’ house instead.Therefore, he says that Kato is paying attention as a caster.“Sakurai is not going to attend the meeting because of the busy situation, it is troublesome to go to location and that is only announced Monday.Sakurai’s unnecessariness theory is inevitable” (same NTV person) The October drama “Sakini umareta dake no boku” (NTV series) where Arashi ’s protagonist Sakurai Sho acts is cranking in early.Kato often co-stars with Keiichiro Koyama on information programs on NEWS shows as well.That Koyama gets the trust that it shows the news calmly and communicating with the news program “News Every” (NTV) in the evening.

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