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The one with such a huge age gap is Hyerin and Ji Sung in Entetainer with 15 years gap. KRW although older in real, here, he looks just right for PSH who is not young anymore. This is an awesome drama but I kind of wanted her to end up with Dr. Do u expect them to look like tomboys when they make rounds? But it ended up with JH sacrificing himself for her.

There is no way that he would be young, plus hye jung needs father's figure, Dr.Some people might find it boring, but not for me, I don't need illogical things or some weird plots to make the drama interesting to watch or maybe some cheesy romance. The story was real, I could identify with it completely, I felt like it could be a true story. because I still don't think it ended with all the problems solved like..Dr. Kim manage to bring CEO Jin to his knees.seo woo and that guy love story..joon dae love story .will kang soo and hyun Jin be in a pls This drama soooo touching.. Her father was a bad and mean, and he kind of ruined her childhood.I can feel the connection between young hye jung and dr. He showed me how to continue our relationships with patience. There were no useless misunderstandings, no over the top screaming parents. many lesson and humanity value show in this drama, and i think that value sometimes got forgoten by healthcare nowadays.. I know she had a bad behavior and everything, but he was the grown up, and he was irresponsible, and he married a woman who was a bitch toward his own daughter. From what I saw (i still haven't finished the drama), she doesn't even like him, and I understand why.Kim Wae Ron and Park Shin Hye are great to potray a big gap couple. Kim rae won is amazingly good as the teacher/surgeon who develops romantic feelings for his student (a heavy subject treated with maturity). So, I will be concentrating on the dramas featuring Kim Rae Won :) This series has too many repetitions and close-ups of the first two surgeons. If viewers liked it, they could have change the trend no matter what. Obviously he is more senior actor than PSH, we need to respect him. Story line was boring and the plot was just being dragged on. But said drama did not do good in the ratings game..At some moments, we would see some too sweet moment and at other I found it annoying. Hong found it really hard to share with her girlfriend. Once the drama shifts to the hospital, it's a non stop ride of impossible surgeries with a bit of corporate politics, revenge thrown in. The best thing you can do now is maybe to be thankful that this Doctors got High Rating, good for PSH. Besides, PSH is not young anymore she's I think 26 y.o., so why not with KRW not too big age gap. It is obvious there that Ji Sung is much much older.

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