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This change has had a significant impact on the number of people who have visited online dictionaries, for example, in the past year; This goes to show that, despite the frequent change in and addition to language, people are relying more and more on search engines to look up terms, rather than ‘official’ definitions in online dictionaries.

Despite Storm Doris bringing wires down onto the tracks at St Albans we made it into London for the MRS Healthy Living Conference 2017.

For those really immersed in their health journey, the healthy image they create online is used as a social currency they want to retain and grow.

However, other consumer segments, who are less familiar with technology, are more suspicious of fitness technology and unwilling to share their personal data – which may not be an irrational concern.

One consumer quoted was particularly misled by packaging believing that because her pizza said it was ‘stone-baked’ it was healthy!

We often hear that many people are confused by the difference between ‘low fat’ and ‘reduced fat’ so perhaps this isn’t surprising.

The uptake of smart technology for tracking fitness unsurprisingly varies from country to country.

Our key takeaway from the day was the rate at which technology is changing the knowledge and behaviours of consumers worldwide, an influence which is only set to increase.Nowadays, the major dictionaries subscribe to data services that summarise what lingo is being used online.They categorise new words in the following ways: Several words, like ‘cookie’ and ‘hashtag’ have histories dating back before the internet age, which shows that whilst technology has definitely played a part in how language has adapted, language has also affected how technology is portrayed and helps us to visualise seemingly complex digital systems and ideas in a way that resonates.The word was in use in computing circles in the 1960s, though as late as 1982 felt obliged to explain it by referring to ‘a hand-held device known as a mouse.” “A server is a program that manages shared access to a centralized resource in a network, storing communal files and processing email etc.Servers of one sort or another have been around for hundreds of years: they were people who served food from the fifteenth century; the players who put the ball into play from the sixteenth; plates from which food was served from the seventeenth; a spoon and a fork used to serve salad from the nineteenth; and machines or the programs that run them from the late twentieth.

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The internet has, in effect, changed language by the way new words are documented and coded.

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