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The moment the allegation is made, a vicious stigma of guilt attaches that must be quickly, and convincingly, confronted to minimize its life-altering damage.

Conviction of any sex offense requires that the offender register with local law enforcement under both federal and state law thereby placing his name/address in a public registry.

He has successfully tried many serious sex cases that appeared to be hopeless and can assemble a winning defense under the most dire circumstances. He has compiled an impressive record of defending and winning many complex sex crimes cases involving false child sex abuse allegations.

The DA’s office has ramped up its prosecution of sex offenses, especially those involving children.The Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office has a staff of roughly 80 with several prosecutors who are specially trained in prosecuting cases involving sexual abuse of children.The office also has investigators and victim assistance coordinators who work closely with the local Ft.The Fort Bend County DA’s Office adheres to this strict prosecution policy in child sex abuse cases and seeks harsh prison sentences and hefty fines.One defendant last year was sentenced to 90 years on child sexual abuse charges and another was sentenced to 45 years in prison.

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