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Scott Fitzgerald, we will be re-creating the secret "West Egg" soirees that were paid for with prohibition-fueled bootlegger money.

During the dark days of Prohibition only the most elite, priveleged and savvy individuals could drink the night away in hidden basement bars and clubs.

Pilate that he is no friend of Caesar if this one be not crucified.

may never be exposed to such a temptation." what passed in the hall beneath.

Having two con men infiltrate the Panthers may seem like a thumbs-up for "law and order." Well, not for Burke, who wants Keller behind bars but, in a rare instance, is calmed by Caffrey.

New Year's Eve is a public holiday in the United States.

Since 1907, the "ball drop" in New York City's Times Square has been a major component of the celebration, and possesses already been observed through practically one million individuals every year. For other posts sticking with the same names, see New Year (disambiguation).

Interpol, like the FBI with Caffrey, wants to dismantle the elusive crime syndicate known as the Pink Panthers, led by Alan Woodford (Gavin Lee).

At a meeting with the Pink Panthers, Caffrey learns his first task: Steal a rare Swedish stamp, the Treskilling Yellow.

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