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I quote Aerofile's entire entry below for the Capen Aircraft Corporation. Skyway (aka Special) 1928 = 4p Ohw M; Anzani (replaced by 165hp Curtiss Challenger). Suffered control problems after a few flights, crashed and burned, killing Capen [X7974] c/n 100.

Note the apparent inaccuracy of assigning the corporation to the wrong city Ernest J) Capen Aircraft Corp, Lincoln NB. In the spring of 2009, Dave Armbrust, LCHS Noble Class of 1960, emailed me copies of the Lincoln Courier news articles about the Capen tragedy, and Dave also provided photos of a charred fragment of Capen's parachute as well as a photo of workers in the Lincoln Casket Company, where part of Capen's aircraft had been constructed.

Notable in this pic are five chimneys/smokestacks and one water tower.

On November 15, 1929, Capen had flown over Lincoln College and was approaching the Kruger Elevator when witnesses saw the plane "begin to wobble." Tragically, it then crashed, "striking its nose on the Chicago and Alton tracks, rolling down the embankment, bursting into flame, and killing Capen" I did a brief search of the Web, hoping to find more information and a photo.

Those are also all gone -- building torn down -- lot is vacant.

This old pic thus shows Lincoln to be like many smaller towns--cleaner air--fewer business/employment opportunities." fred (Fred Blanford, 1941--2008) In "A Pasture or a Flying Field?

Factories are significant for the number of jobs, tax revenues generated, amount of money spent locally for vendors, amount of payroll, and types of workers -- and thus their effect on community life.

Commercial enterprises, from family farms to large factories, typically experience the same life-cycle patterns that people do: some perish before they can develop; some seem to grow with great promise but suddenly pass away; some enjoy prolonged but anonymous maturity before gradually declining; and a few prosper to distinction before outliving their time. Trucks arriving and departing at all hours of the day and night.

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The only additional information I could find was at a site by Aerofiles.

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