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Ik vraag me af als je daar niets mee wil, waarom doe je het dan ?

Hij zegt dat het een soort lotgenoten zijn en dat dat zijn motief is.

Aan de ene kant begrijp ik dat wel, maar het hele stiekeme van alles, daar heb ik vreselijk veel moeite mee !

Nog steeds vertrouw ik hem niet en als ik \'s avonds op bed lig, ben ik bang dat hij weer zit te chatten.

This philanthropist handsome middle-aged man with a grey crown and Clark Gable moustache the unassuming and low profile husband of a celebrity. When I was in Khalsa College, Amritsar, I met a triend who taught me photography and lawn tennis. Being an idealist l wanted just a simple marriage but the girl's parents refused. Meanwhile I had begun to like Kiran for her intelligence and quick wit.

Despite this I managed to convince her and she took up the challenge.

ln a two room house it used to become really overcrowded and I felt highly suffocated, Gradually I began to feel very uncomfortable there as her parents would interfere in our personal relationship and we began to drift apart.

Brij with his daughter Her parents could not cope with that and tried their best by fair or foul means to win her devotion in which they succeeded, I also felt that being a daughter she does have her obligation towards them and never tried to obstruct her relationship with them.

After the training she was posted at Delhi and I used to visit her on the weekends.

Her parents had already shifted to Delhi with her and then her sisters also joined and completed the family coterie around her.

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