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Honestly hair doesnt have a lot to do with it, have a clean hair cut, maybe medium length is good but it can be longer just keep it well groomed and conservative.

A buzz cut or really short hair makes you look like a kid, while longer hair I mean really long hair makes you look young aswell.

=) as far as I can tell you, overprotective girls tends to like men who looks young. Just check my profile's photo and tell me if I'm being sincere. Even when in your 30s/40s but look like you have a steady high paying job, you'll _will_ be flirted at. Some people prefer one or the other, usually in between rather than a rug or a smooth doll.

My two last relationships were with overprotective girls dunno why My playgroup: four people total. My meta consists of combo, control and some aggro / midrange decks. Personally I have a beard because I have a 5 o clock shadow at 10 in the morning; I either had to learn how to live with facial hair or shave 2x a day. In high school, the older looking guys are the ones that girls are most attracted to.

The Mirro Cube - 420 card Mirrodin themed cube And if I've offended you, I'm sorry, but maybe you need to be offended.

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For example, people look older when they're taller as a child (because it's an indicator of growth).

But people won't look at your height as an indicator of age when you're in your 40s. No one is bald and few have white hairs when they're 16.

Of course, people who look young at childhood won't look young forever.This is the type of disadvantage that will fade to past and be completely irrelevant as you get older.Many people won't even remember looking young when they're 60. In high school, the older looking guys are the ones that girls are most attracted to.Many younger men will tell themselves, 'I'll laugh at them when they're old and wrinkly at 40.' But the assertion that "younger" looking men during their childhood years will always look "younger" during and after their prime is just not true.That's because the physical traits that made the "older" men in an earlier stage look more attractive are different from the physical traits that make "older" men less attractive.

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