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Diane Marsh’s paintings, many of them self-portraits, convey a consistent and inconsolable anguish, as well as a parallel transformation. The emotional depth, or density, of her art is unfamiliar and disturbing.The viewer is almost an intruder, privileged and perhaps reluctant to share the pain.The painting alludes to the state of the natural world and suggests that the Earth, like the mother can be a source of comfort and refuge.The Weeping Drawer,” a portrayal of a dispirited woman with hands clasped, perhaps in prayer, contains a working drawer.She is best known for her hyper-realistic portraits of people captured in moments of emotional angst, paintings that convey her belief that humans can only evolve by facing their pain and suffering.Set at Bitter Lake reservoir in Roswell, her recent oil “Sanctuary,” depicts a mother passionately embracing her young son, their faces a mix of serenity and desperation.Dominguez's rosaries, made on 20-foot strands of rope, have obvious religious roots.The rosary itself is a religious object used in daily devotion, and Dominguez adds additional Catholic iconography to the pieces with nails covering the beads on "Nail Rosary," a reference to the crucifixion that is repeated in the hanging "Nail Crucifix," and bright red ceramic beads representing drops of blood in "Sangre de Christo."Those pieces give the exhibition a distinct spiritual underpinning.

His arrival in the world prompted “Anton's Flowers,” a visual homage to a new life and the starting point in Marsh's most recent creative transformation.The experiential learning expands their knowledge of art, museums, and careers.Art for the Abiquiu denizen, is a calling not a career, a venue for articulating deeply held values rather than a revenue source.The notion of place as a spiritual antidote, nature as a sanctuary, is familiar in the ancient cultures of the southwest, in its art and its continuous allure for those of us from elsewhere.Sorrow is not denied, but acknowledged and transcended by earth, water, sky.

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Inside are three small paintings-the Earth on fire, and antelope with an arrow in its neck and an image of a child.

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