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It’s been a very difficult time for me because it took the whole year.

The source said: 'I was extremely shocked to see what he'd posted. He said: 'I would never use the N word or F word describing homosexuality. I apologize for the drama and confusion this has caused'He continued: 'I can't mention the name of an ex partner that I was dating, even though this person damaged me mentally, physically, and emotionally, I can't lower myself to that level and expose who.'But my ex had made a few fake accounts on My Space, Facebook, and even Tumblr using photos taken of me when we dated and photos from my profiles at that time.'My ex would go on my You Tube account as well and bad mouth people's videos and leave racist comments and ill-hearted words.'This person had "trolled" my friends accounts and many strangers, leading to a lot of issues in my personal life, including threats.'Whenever we got into a fight, this would happen again and again, and I would continue to forgive until one day I just gave up and left.'I've struggled long and hard to get this person out of my memory; their "jokes" and pranks have left me scarred, and the damage done in my life to which some was irreparable, losing friends.'I apologize for the drama and confusion this has caused, and the drama I see that it is still continuing to cause.'The controversial posts - made from Luciano's current Facebook account - were unearthed by an online acquaintance who doesn't know Luciano personally. But the restaurateur complained to gardaí that she had bombarded him with unwanted text messages and nuisance phonecalls following their two dates that left him in fear.Sanasie was first arrested and brought before Dublin District Court last May and initially pleaded not guilty to the charges of sending nearly 120 messages via encrypted messaging service Whats App – plus further text messages and phone calls – between September 9 and November 21, 2015.

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Instead, Judge Walsh ordered Sanasie to ‘have no contact in any way directly or indirectly, by internet or websites with Mr Mc Grath.’The ban will last for all time.

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